Our mission

Our mission is to turn complex problems into elegant solutions. Through cutting edge technology, we’re re-imaging the possibilities in the world of construction.

The world of tomorrow we are engineering will be safer, bigger, and more efficient than ever that’s our Massive Transformation Purpose.

Our values

Core values have guided us to uphold the highest ethical standards. This commitment, lived daily by our people, allows us to successfully build unmatched levels of safety, quality and innovation into everything we do.

Hard work and unfaltering tenacity led us from creating smarter ways to help people work together,generating more value at every level, and building a better world for everyone.

Our Happy Clients

It comes down to how your customer experiences the brand – and how that brand makes a person feel

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Our Product

Expert Spotlight

"Our underground experts like the fact that there’s nothing straightforward about building a tunnel."

"With respect to Quality, we have a no-nonsense approach.  We expect a job to be done right the first time. We feel that earning trust by doing what we say we’ll do is the only way to conduct business."

"We know that our focus on Partnering and insistence on teamwork pays off."

"Our open communication at the field activity level has been noted by all types of construction

"Throughout our 10 years in this industry, GCPL has worked on many complicated, sophisticated,
and cutting edge projects. Each of those projects led us to find innovative solutions to unique

"We know that not all project requirements are black and white, and occasionally that “special” project will require a contractor to think outside the box."

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Mr. Sanjay Aeron

Managing Director


Is this an Indian totally Company?

Yes. We are completely “Make in India” enterprise

Who is the owner of your company?

The owner is Mr. Sanjay Aeron. However, the operation is run by the CEO, Col Partha Bhattacharjee

How old is the company?

It was set up in 2007 and operations started in 2011

Where the company is situated?

The HO is located in New Delhi. However, we supply our products and execute projects across the country

Do you have an office in Mumbai/(City Name)?

Not now, we are planning to setup soon. However, our representatives are available in Mumbai.

How many people are there in your company?

About 60 personnel at present

What are the services that your company offers?

Different types of ground support, consolidation and protection services like water/seepage control, bolting solutions, rock/soil consolidation, slope stabilization, rock fall protection, RE Wall casting and erection, etc. We also provide various geotechnical investigation services

What are the of expertise of your company?

We provide comprehensive ground consolidation solutions to geotechnical challenges. As we are the manufacturers and applicators of majority of products, we can customise our products to site requirements. We have geotechnical experts to design the ideal solution and a dedicated execution team to implement it. We provide ‘one stop solution’ for the entire process of investigation, design, methodology preparation, product identification and supply, execution, monitoring and testing under one roof. Our products and processes are compliant of international standards.

Our company expertises in complete ground improvement solutions.

These includes Water Ingress and Seepage Control, Slope stabilisation, Ground Settlement Control, Embankment Stabilisation to name a few. We specialise in chemcial grouting, anchor supports, cement and resin grouting capsules and construction chemicals, which are all indigeniously manufactured according to client’s specification and project requirement.

Have you done any government work directly?

We have directly executed ground and slope consolidation works under SJVNL and Govt. of Uttarakhand. These apart, we have executed numerous projects under contarctors of various Govt. departments/agencies.

What is the total turnover of your company?

The turnover of last year was INR 25 Crore. However, this pertains strictky to GCPL. Additionally, we have our manufacturing company and our procurement agency which also has substantial turnover.

What are the products and services that your company offers?

We provide comprehensive ground consolidation solutions to geotechnical challenges in the form of various products and services under a single roof. Our products include range of Construction Chemicals incl Chemical Grouts, Bolting and Support systems, Specialized products like TH Profile, Honeycomb pattern Line Stress Controllers, GFRP Bars and Bolts, various Geosynthetic products, Consumable Accessories and services to include Investigative Services, Design and Consultation Services and Project Execution Services.

What are the products that you manufacture in India and Import?

We manufacture various products under ‘Make in India” program which includes:
Resin and Cement Capsules, Admixtures and Accelerators, Grouting Chemicals (standard and customized), Self Drilling Anchors, Cable Bolts, Forepoling Tubes and other bolting solutions, Wire Mesh, Geo synthetics, etc.
We have our exclusive tie-up with BOCHUMER EISENHUETTE GMBH AND CO. for TH Profiles and LSCs, for other products and solutions we have our tie-ups with various other reputed manufacturing companies.

From which country do you import(Product name)?

We import from various countries in Asia and Europe. Our major imports are from Germany, Italy, Turkey and China.

Which are the vendors from where you are importing the material?

We have tie ups with different vendors in Asia and Europe

Can you share the import documents?

We would like to submit that these are confidential documents which contain confidential information about our vendors and their products, base prices, freight, duty, etc. We understand that you would be more concerned about the quality of the product, thus all products are third party tested and well packed, so we guarantee product quality.

Where is the manufacturing facility/unit?

Our manufacturing unit is In Alwar (Rajasthan). However, we can have independent manufacturing setups at sites for some products if the consumption is high and the requirement is prolonged period of time.

What is the manufacturing capacity for products (SDAs, Resin, Capsules etc.)?

We have standard capacities for our standard products which can be changed to suit the need of the hour. We also manufacture certain customized products on the client’s requirements. The manufacturing time can be reduced to meet the urgent requirements of our Clients.

What is the lead time/availability of (Product)?

It depends on the item and quantity. So far, we have been able to meet the requirement of our Clients.