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Geo Constech Pvt. Ltd (GCPL) provides unmatched ground support and consolidation products for tunneling, mining, civil engineering, infrastructure projects, hydropower projects and repair work around the world. We pride ourselves on putting safety and structural stability before all else while still providing professional, timely service that will give your project the peace of mind you expect from a world-class team.

Masterpieces of Engineering

GCPL operates at the intersection of science and creativity. Count on us to bring forth actionable, practical plans that translate into projects that are reliable, safe, and resourcefully executed.

Expert Spotlight

"Our underground experts like the fact that there’s nothing straightforward about building a tunnel."

"With respect to Quality, we have a no-nonsense approach.  We expect a job to be done right the first time. We feel that earning trust by doing what we say we’ll do is the only way to conduct business."

"We know that our focus on Partnering and insistence on teamwork pays off."

"Our open communication at the field activity level has been noted by all types of construction

"Throughout our 10 years in this industry, GCPL has worked on many complicated, sophisticated,
and cutting edge projects. Each of those projects led us to find innovative solutions to unique

"We know that not all project requirements are black and white, and occasionally that “special” project will require a contractor to think outside the box."

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Mr. Sanjay Aeron

Managing Director

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What they’re saying

GCPL has been involved in Ground support solutions with latest technologies and we have been impressed with their innovative product solutions including their open honest communications, commitments, deliveries and technologies. Thus we are fully satisfied.

Geo Constech is our “A” Grade Vendor, We compliment their achievement as a service provider in the industry.

We are pleased to accord our satisfaction with the standard of Products & services, supplied to us by qualified, efficient & always approachable team of Geo Constech P. Ltd. We found this company with high integrity and strong, traditional values focusing on providing the utmost level of customer service.

From the moment we begin exploring a project, they are searching out the unique challenges and addressing how they can be overcome, safely and within budget and schedule

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