Sections of road/rail through a tunnel are often the most dangerous types to build. Landslides are a looming threat, and special foundational methods are required. Portals are the longest open parts of the construction, often with several construction phases, but serve well to protect a vulnerable stretch of tunnel. Portal protection, slope stabilization, rock fall protection, Grouting, drainage wells, or anchored walls may be required.  Preparation of the design is key, and builders should also ensure that steps are taken to keep site transport open.

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Risk Faced

  • Slope failures due to change in weather
  • Transportation Problems
  • Human Safety
  • Delay in project timelines
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  • Rock Type
  • Water source availability
  • Seismicity
  • In-situ Stresses
  • Strata Orientation
  • Shear Zones
  • Thrust Zones
  • Aproach road accesiblity
  • Uneven Strata
  • Steep Slopes
  • Weathered Rock Mass / Soil
  • Water Bearing Situations

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