Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) Full-thread bolts have been manufactured keeping the needs in mind for strata support in mining and  tunnelling. The product  is also useful for slope and face stabilization. Since the bolt possesses a continuous thread, same can be trimmed if needed.

The bolt has a high ultimate load bearing capacity and due to its ingredients, it offers a maximum bondage with all grouting materials. Its property of cuttability reduces the wear and tear of the machinery used in mining.

Unlike steel bolts, Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) has a high corrosion resistance and is well suited for permanent support.  The  high  flexibility  is  well suited for application without couplings in confined locations.

One more benefit of this product is that it is very light and hence enhances ease of use. The bolt readily prepares for taking high load  immediately once fixed (if used with resin capsules). The product possesses a high tensile strength as well.

The setting of the solid rods can be carried out with mortar or our resin capsules, the setting of the hollow rods with injection.

A comprehensive rock bolting system with  various  components  e.g.  plastic nut, GRPB nut, steel nut, plastic plate, GRPB plate, couplings, adapter and injection connection is also available.


  • High corrosion resistance
  • Permanent application
  • Cuttability
  • Continuous threaded bar
  • High tensile strength
  • High end loading
  • Flexibility
  • Low weight
  • Easy handling


  • Face stabilisation
  • Forepoling
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Ground support in soft rock
  • Systematic rock bolting

Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) Self Drilling Bolts or Anchor

Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts)  self  drilling  bolts  or  anchor  are  a  new  generation GRP bolts with considerably improved torque resistance and load bearing capacity of the thread profile for strong jointing with drill bits, nuts and also couplers.


  • Permanent support
  • Temporary application
  • Application without coupling in confined locations
  • Cementious grout, resin capsules
  • Injection of resin

The cuttability of this product does not damage the machinery used in the mining or construction and also does not obstruct drifting or enlarging of mining and tunnelling .

The bolt has a high radial pressure resistance for injections with resins or grout and is corrosion resistant for permanent support.

Due to user friendliness for cutting and easy to use. Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) self-drilling bolt or anchor is now considered to be ahead of steel bolts by industry experts and engineers Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) offers a high tensile strength and can bear high loads. Its low weight with high torsion resistance makes the bolt well suited for works in loose rock up to a maximum hardness of 60 MPa.

The Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) self drilling bolts or anchor are used with the help of rotating machines with anti-clockwise drilling.

Different rotary bits are available for Vetro Bar (GRP Bolts) Self drilling Bolts or anchor. A comprehensive rock bolting system with various components is also available.

Technical Data

DescriptionUnitSolid BarHollow BarSelf Drilling Bolt
Nominal Outer/lnner Diametermm 220253225/1232/15R32/15
Tensile Stress Areamm 2186346580230340340
Ultimate LoadkN>190>350>560>250>350>350
Ultimate StrengthN/mm 2>1000>1000>960>1000>1000>1000
Ultimate Load (Shearing 90°)kN>90>160>230>110>140>140
Shearing StrengthN/mm2>460>460>395>460>400>400
Ultimate Strain%


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