Tyrocrete (Alkali Free Accelerator)


Tyrocrete is an alkali-free liquid set accelerator. It can be used with sprayed concrete and mortar for applications such as guniting and shortcreting in galleries, tunnels, retaining walls, embankments and tank lining.

Key Features of Alkali Free Accelerator:- 

  • Safety – Lack of  alkalis  and  flammable  substances  ensures  safer  handling  and  operating  conditions  in the
  • Strength – Alkali-free composition discourages alkali aggregate reactions that can cause expansion and cracking of cement. The product is also free of chloride and is therefore resistant to
  • Fast coverage and reduced rebound – The high-build composition of the spray allows it to be applied over 45mm thick in each application, making work
  • Use in any  weather  – The  spray can be applied to wet surfaced and can even adhere to surfaces   with running
  • Rapid setting – With a total setting time of 11 minutes or less, the spray has a higher build and good  water

Conforms To International Standards:-

This quality product conforms to the following standards:

  • IS 9103-1999 (reaffirmed in 2004)
  • Edition 2.2 (2007-2008)
  • ASTM C494/C494-08a
  • Type C, BS EN 934
  • Efnarc specifications for sprayed

Technical Properties of Alkali Free Accelerator:- 

ColourLight Yellow
Specific Gravity1.40 + 0.03 at 270C + 20C
Chloride ContentNil (as per EN 934)
Air EntrainmentNil


Tyrocrete is formulated with select alkali-free ingredients and is manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

Storage & Shelf Life:-

For best results, store sealed in containers free of oil and grease, in dry conditions and at normal ambient temperatures. If stored correctly, a shelf-life of 4 months can be expected.


Tyrocrete is compatible with other Geo Constech Pvt. Ltd. admixtures in the same concrete mix. All admixtures should be added to the concrete separately. The product is suitable for all types of OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and other types of cement.


The typical dosage should be between 6 – 8 % by weight of cement, depending upon site requirements and ambient temperatures. Do not exceed a dosage of 8%. Stir well before use to avoid settlement at the bottom of the accelerator tank.

Rate Of Addition:-

Below is a guide to typical application times. The optimum dosage should be determined by site trials.


Dose (%)

Initial Setting TimeFinal Setting Time
62 Min. 30 Sec08 Min. 30 Sec.
72 Min. 25 Sec07 Min. 40 Sec.
82 Min 00 Sec06 Min. 15 Sec.

Packaging of Alkali Free Accelerator:-

Tyrocrete is available in a 250 kg drum.

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