Tardyplast M (PC Based Admixture)


Polycarboxylic Ether  based  high  range  water  reducing  and  long  term  dispensability  admixture  for  high strength concrete


TARDYPLAST M is a new generation high range water reducing admixture based on modified poly-carboxylic ether. It is a light yellow color liquid which gets dispersed immediately in concrete mix together with water. This product has been specially developed to cater to the requirements of manufacturing very high grade concrete with huge water reduction and extended working time. It is chloride-free and compatible with all types of cement. It water reduction capacity is 15-30%.

The unique mechanism of action of polycarboxylic ether present in TARDYPLAST M greatly enhances the  effectiveness of cement dispersion because of its typical molecular structure, having long side chains. At the very early stage of the mixing process, the PCs are absorbed by the cement granules, increasing their negative charge, thus causing electrostatic dispersion. But then, the side chain linked to the polymer backbone generates a steric hindrance that greatly enhances the ability of cement grains to disperse and remain separate. Steric hindrance provides a physical barrier along with the electrostatic barrier between the cement particles, resulting in flowable concrete with great reduction in water content and long term dispersibility.


 Conforms to IS : 9103-1999 (reaffirmed 2004), Edition 2.2 (2007 – 2008), ASTM C494 / C494 M – 10, Type F & A, & BS 934.


TARDYPLAST M is used to produce an extremely workable flowing concrete without loss of strength or to enable large water reduction for the same workability resulting in dense rheodynamic concrete with higher ultimate strength. This product is very useful in producing pumpable concrete, precast concrete, pre-stressed concrete, self compacting concrete, high performance concrete and concrete requiring long term workability retention.


  • Substantial improvements in workability and flow properties without increased water produces self leveling concrete which can be poured into  place  around  congested  reinforcement  and  requires  little(or  no)  vibration to achieve optimum compaction. The bond strength of concrete to reinforcement steel is considerably increased.
  • The internal friction and thixotropy of mix is reduced to a minimum without the risk of segregation, thus making concrete pumping more
  • Very significant water reduction minimizes shrinkage cracking thereby producing close textured impervious impermeable concrete with improved durability and surface finish. Suitable for use in most types of concrete above and below ground subjected to water pressure and aggressive atmospheric conditions. Reduction in concrete permeability protects against water migration and corrosion of embedded steel.
  • For a given concrete mix, keeping the cement consumption and workability constant by large reduction in the amount of mixing water, substantial increase in strength can be    Alternatively,  for  the same concrete mix, by keeping the workability and  strength  constant,  a  definite  cement  economy ranging from 15 to 25% can be obtained. Obvious advantages for precast concrete production.

Technical Data:  

FormBrown Liquid
Specific Gravity1.08 ± 0.02 at 27 ± 2°C
Air EntrainmentMay increase very marginally
Setting & HardeningSets very early with moderate dosages. There may be retarding effect on the

setting time with high dosages

Chloride ContentNIL


Can be used with all types of Portland and slag cements including Sulphate resisting cements and Pozzolans, e.g. Mircosillica, Fly Ash GGBFS, etc.
pH Value6-7


TARDYPLAST   M    is    formulated   from   carefully   selected   raw    materials   and    is                             manufactured            under controlled strict quality condition to produce a consistent product.


The optimum dosage should be determined by site trial with the particular concrete mix.  As  a  guide  the  rate  of addition is generally in the range of 200 to 800 ml per 50 kg of cement depending on the function.

The plasticizing-cum-water reducing properties are improved if the admixture is added to moist concrete after adding 60-70% of mixing water. Addition of TARDYPLAST M to dry cement or aggregate is not recommended.

As Superplasticizer-flowing concrete250 – 400 ml per 50 Kg of cement As
high range water reducing admixture for high strength concrete (up to 15-30% water reduction)500 – 600 ml per Kg of cement

Severe of over-dosage  of TARDYPLAST M may result into segregation / bleeding of mix, delayed  initial / final   set, increased plastic shrinkage, air-entrainment, etc.


TARDYPLAST M is supplied ready for use. For maximum dispersion throughout the mix, measured quantity of TARDYPLAST M should be added directly into the mixer at the same time as the mixing water. On no account should be added to the dry cement.


TARDYPLAST M must be stored within moderate temperature, under cover,  away  from  direct  sunlight. If stored as mentioned above, shelf life is 18 months.


Available in 50 Kg, and 250 Kg plastic container.


TARDYPLAST M is formulated from chemicals which present no fire or health hazards.


Although  the  basic  formulation  of  our  products  generally  remains  unchanged  production  refinements  arising   from continuing research and evolution program may occasionally results in marginal changes in properties.


The above stated properties are based on our standard product, TARDYPLAST M. The product may change with   some code as suffix or addendum to the principal or original name indicative of some  minor adjustment and  fine  tuning in the formulation (e.g. TARDYPLAST M) to meet a specific requirement of the user or due to our continuous research and development but shall exhibit similar properties.


Our  products   are  manufactured  under  stringent  National  /  International  quality  norms  and  guaranteed  against   any manufacturing defect. Recommendation as per this data sheet are based on our team’s combined practical experience and exposure over several years in the field of construction and are believed to be most appropriate. However,  no  liability can be accepted by us, as the conditions of use of such products are beyond our control.


 The above data is  based on  our industry knowledge and does not constitute a  guarantee for any specific product.      A legally valid contractual relationship, can therefore, not be established.


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