Resin Capsule is industry renowned for consistent quality and performance, primarily as an anchoring medium for rock bolts and concrete bolts to provide roof and sidewall support in underground excavations.

Svelta  (resin  capsules)  are  made  from  a  high  strength  unsaturated  polyester  resin.  It’s   convenient   to   use capsule  form  which  guarantees  the  optimum  dosage  of  resin,  catalyst  and  non-reactive  fillers  for  easy  application.

Svelta is used for the purpose of bonding of bolts used in tunnelling and other civil engineering underground construction. GCPL supplies the bonding material in the form of dual component capsule with resin mortar and hardener in separated foil chambers. The product has different setting times.

A strong load bearing bond is formed between the load- bearing tendon and the borehole walls once the mortar mixture is properly inserted into the borehole. Svelta  is free from toxins.

The capsules can be applied by automatic drilling machine or by hand-operated drilling and setting machines.

Key Features :-

Svelta enables a wide variety of applications and multiple advantages: Unique capsule configuration that is easy to install.

Ready-to- use in single-pack system with pre-accelerated cartridges.

Double  chambered  poly-tube  capsule  enabling  extremely  effective  mixing  of   fire  retardant  resin   matrix and catalyst.

Controlled setting time that completely complements the requirements of underground mining and tunnelling.

Provides quick strength and rigidity.

Permanent anchorage which is resistant to failure by vibration or corrosion.

Applications in Mining :-

 The resin can be used in Bolts for bolted roadways.

The product is used for securing of the roof in gate-roads The resin is also used for securing the ribs.

Also used for fixation of machinery, bonding of bolt overhead monoraior prefixing of band- conveyors.

Directions for use :-

The resin setting time and  strength  varies  as  per  temperature.  For  optimal  performance,  allow  the  resin  capsule to adjust to the temperature of the mine/tunnel. For  instance;  in  low  or  cold  temperatures,  the  chemical  reaction may be slower. On the contrary; in high or hot temperatures, the chemical reaction may be faster.

Technical Properties :-



Setting Time (Sec) Customisable as per specific needs.
Slow Set Fast Set250-330




Compressive Strenght (MPa)
30 Minutes

24 Hours

50 ± 10

80 ± 10

3.SEPT (Short Encapsulation Pull Out Test)10 Tone min.
4.System StiffnessGood

The Right Size for Every Situation

 The Svelta is available in eight standard sizes and can be custom-made as per the client requirements.

Standard Sizes :-

1.25mm x 200mm
2.25mm x 300mm
3.32mm x 300mm
4.40mm x 300mm
5.24mm x 450mm
6.24mm x 600mm
7.28mm x 600mm
8.24mm x 800mm

Packaging :-

Each order includes 25 high-strength capsules wrapped in polythene or packaged in a  bag,  carton or box, depending upon the size of capsules.

Shelf Life :- 

Capsules are best used before 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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