Safe, Strong and Versatile Cement Capsule for Rock Bolting

Cement Capsule has high strength, cold resistance, and a fast setting time of as little as 160 minutes and can be customized as per the site requirements. The Cement Capsule has been thoughtfully engineered to meet the high demands of strengthening and reinforcing rock formations and structural bodies.  With the  Si’Ment  Capsule,  you can secure your work sites with speed and confidence.

Conforms to international standards 

This quality product conforms to the IS 4032 : 1996, Part 1

Fields of Applications:-

Cement Capsule to provide unparalleled structural support in a wide variety of situations. It can stand up to the toughest applications:

Roof bolting in mines and tunneling Installation of heavy machinery Machinery and anchorage fixings Precast industries

Dam and tunnel repair Hollow blocks joints Runway repair Concrete roads

Extreme Strength

The resin cement capsule employs high-strength cement composites whose resistance to sulfate attack surpasses that of ordinary Portland cement. The composites are also temperature-resistant, allowing them to be used even in the near-freezing temperatures often found in sub-Himalayan and mountainous regions. This important feature opens up a wider geographic and temporal range for applications.

Technical Properties Cement Capsule:-

Bulk Density (Kg/m3)1200-1400
Soaking Ti(Minutes)2-3
Normal Setting
Initial Setting Time (Minutes)50 ± 10
Final Setting Time (Minutes)450 ± 10
Fast Setting
Initial Setting Time (Minutes)40 ±10
Final Setting Time (Minutes)120± 10
Compressive Strength (MPa)
3 Days12
7 Days20
28 Days35
Shelf-Life (Months)6
DosagesAs per drill hole length

The Right Size for Every Situation

The Si’Ment Capsule is available in eight standard sizes and can be custom-made as per the client’s requirements

Standard Sizes:-

1.25mm x 200mm
2.25mm x 300mm
3.32mm x 300mm
4.40mm x 300mm
5.24mm x 450mm
6.24mm x 600mm
7.28mm x 600mm
8.24mm x 800mm


 Each order includes 25 high-strength capsules wrapped in polythene or packaged in a bag, carton  or box, depending upon the size of capsules.

Shelf Life:- 

Capsules are best used before 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Product Improvement Program

 Through ongoing research and evaluation, we are continuously finding ways to improve our products and processes. Production refinements arising from these activities may occasionally result in marginal changes in properties as we continue to innovate and enhance the product.

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