Removable Cable Anchor (High Quality and High Performance)



Removable Cable Anchors are high quality and high-performance cable anchor. If the anchoring length will influence on other person’s property, the strand should be removed after curing of ground.

Application area of Removable Cable Anchor :

  • Underground supporting of building
  • Foundation of building
  • Slope stabilization


  • The loads dispersion type
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy removal system
  • If the customer needs to reinstall after the removal of strands, it will be available

Specifications of Removable Cable Anchor


Number of Strand

12.7mm PC Strand(Ton)15.2mm PC Strand(Ton)Anchor Body(EA)
Loads of DesignLoad CapacityLoads of DesignLoad Capacity 




1 stand12.1614.3117.29251
2 stands24.3128.6234.58501
3 stands36.4742.9351.877511
4 stands48.6257.2469.161002
5 stands60.7871.5586.4512512
6 stands72.9385.86103.741503
7 stands85.09100.17121.0317513
8 stands97.24114.48138.322004
9 stands109.4128.79155.6122514
10 stands121.55143.10172.902505

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