Mighty Atlas (Rock Bolt)



The two of the key areas where Mighty Atlas rock anchor bolts is used in mining and tunnelling.

Mighty Atlas Rock Anchor Bolts are distinguished from resin and anchor mortars on the following:

  1. The ease with which they are handled
  2. Various applications

These structures are designed to sustain, within the allowable design loads and forces which are properly distributed. The rock bolt is an innovative rock support bolt that provides both immediate and permanent anchorage.

The Mighty Atlas (Rock Bolt) is a complete rod anchor provided with a  rolled-up thread, plate, spherical washer, and hexagonal nut.


  • Ground support
  • Rock stabilization


  • Extremely fast and easy installation
  • Immediate load-bearing capacity in the borehole
  • Galvanized version available

Mechanically Anchored Mighty Atlas (Rock Bolt)

These self-drilling rock anchor bolts are threaded on both ends, with the provision of fastening an Expansion Shell on one end and Bearing plate and nut on the other. These types of Grouted Rock Bolts can be tensioned immediately after installation.

Resin Grouted & Tensioned Threaded Mighty Atlas (Rock Bolt)

These Rock Bolts are threaded on one side and conically beveled on the other. These bolts are used where resin capsules are used for high strength anchorage in poor quality rocks.



Material Used: S.A.I.L.’s T.M.T Fe 415 OR 500 Size: 25mm, 32mm & 36mm

Length: from 3m to 9m long

Thread: M24, M30, M33 & M36 (Left & Right Hand Thread)

Bearing Plates

Size: 150x150x10mm, 200x200x12mm, 200x200x16mm

Hole Dia.: 28mm, 34mm, 38mm

Bevel Washers

Size: O.D 45mm and I.D 28mm, O.D 55mm and I.D 34mm, O.D 55mm and I.D 38mm

Thickness: One end 14mm other 11 mm


Size: M24, M30, M33, M36

Expansion Shells

For 25mm Rock Bolt: Tensile Strength 15 Tons For 32mm Rock Bolt: Tensile Strength 24 Tons For 36mm Rock Bolt: Tensile Strength 30 Tons.


Yield Strength > 125% of the TMT Bar

For 25mm Rock Bolt: O.D 45mm, Length 8” For 33mm Rock Bolt: O.D 50mm, Length 8” For 36mm Rock Bolt: O.D 55mm, Length 8”


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