GrippHold (Water Expandable Rock Bolts)



GrippHold expandable rock bolts offer superior quality that responds to the most demanding roof support applications. GrippHold high load capacity along with excellent   elongation   properties   ensure   safer    working    conditions  and faster excavation cycles, effectively reducing costs.

GrippHold bolts tie and join fractures because of their ability to with stand high loads. Since the GrippHold bolt has excellent elastic properties, it is able to withstand rock movement without cutting.

  • Friction bolt with faceplate inserted, adjusted and expanded into the drill
  • Case at the top of the friction bolt with hole to inflate the bolt pressure water.
  • Full view of the friction bolt .
  • Face plate at the top of the friction bolt, no nuts necessary .


  • Immediate full length support for faster excavation cycles and safer working
  • Simple and clean
  • Adjusts to borehole
  • Excellent elongation properties add to application
  • Reliable installation
  • Flexible for variations in drill
  • Versatile bolting solution for variable ground conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly installation requiring no grouting or
  • GrippHold bolts can be manufactured to any length up to a maximum of 20 ft (240 ).

GrippHold Performance 

  1. Original shape of the GrippHold bolt when inserted into drill hole. Water is pumped into the bolt, expanding the GrippHold.
  2.  The bolt is then pressed against the rock, which provides high load friction The water pressure is then removed.

Corrosion Coating

Features of the GrippHold bolt corrosion coating:

  • Molecular attachment
  • Water-based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ten times better than galvanizing under salt spray


The following accessories for the GrippHold bolt can be provided:

  • Full range of pneumatic and electric water pumps
  • load tester
  • Dome Embossed Plates

Technical Specification

TypeSTANDARD (120 kN)MIDI (160 kN)SUPER (240 kN)
Recommended Inflate Pressure300 Bar240 Bar300 Bar
Tube Thickness2 mm2 mm3 mm
Original Diameter41 mm54 mm54 mm
Bolt Diameter26 mm36 mm36 mm
Hole Diameter32-39mm43-52mm43-52mm
Optimal Hole Diameter35-38 mm45-51 mm45-51 mm
Breaking Load120 kN160 kN240 kN
Minimum Yield Strength90 kN130 kN210 kN


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