Geonets, a specialized segment within Geosynthetics are formed by a continuous extrusion of parallel sets of polymeric ribs at acute angles. These are three-dimensional structures suitable for construction, erosion control, soil reinforcement, filtration and separation between layers of materials. Geonets can be used in place of soil drains in civil and environmental applications such as under-slab drainage, leak detection, gas venting, leachate collection and as additional protection for waterproofing membranes.


  • Bi-planar

Bi-planar Geonets consist of two layers of non-woven Geotextile bonded to a high strength HDPE Geonet core. They are designed for in-plane flows over large surface areas. The Geonet core is UV stabilised with 2 percent Carbon Black and is chemically and biologically resistant. Bi-planar Geonets have a low intensity but high elongation and are suited for projects where the foundation is reason- able or the bearing capability demand is low, such as parks, temporary roads, banks and slopes.

  • Tri-planar

Tri-planar Geonet consists of two outer layers of inclined ribs sepa- rated by strong vertical ribs. The whole structure is bonded to a non-woven Geotextile. The high compressive strength resists crush- ing and the Geotextile delivers a high flow rate under load while preventing soil particles blocking the drainage core.

Advantages of using Geonets

  • Rockfall protection in Roads and Railways

Rockfall protection systems are a key element in the design and maintenance of road and railway infrastructure networks and have a direct impact on safety. For this reason, a new approach that encompasses the overall analysis of the rock fall structural system, and not just the individual components, is necessary. A superficial reinforcement system aimed at stabilization of rock mass using Geonets is created during the process.

  • Aquaculture

Geonets along with Non-woven Geotextile are ideally suited for erosion control of slopes. These are installed on the surface of slopes along with top soil for vegetation growth, which prevents erosion of soil; promotes water percolation; actsaspermanentreinforcingmediumforgrassrootsandhelpsinthegenerationofdensegrasscover.

  • Canals

GCLs are useful as single liners in canals.

  • Tunnels

Geonets are specially designed for high-performance tunnel lining applications. Geonets can be used for subsurface drainage in split-slab construction of decks, plazas and balconies across all construction works.

  • Effluent treatment plant

Geonet is a synthetic drainage material manufactured from the highest quality high density polyethylene HDPE resin to transmit fluids and gases uniformly under many field conditions.

  • Reservoirs and Canals

Geonets are very useful in reservoirs, rivers and dams to effectively prevent landslides. Their good flexibility and good permeability are assets during coastal engineering works as they cushion the impact of wave en- ergy collapse.

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