Drucryl – 46



Drucryl – 46 is a liquid synthetic polymer for mud-pack treatment during land drilling and civil engineering. It has high molecular weight and is formulated with special co-polymers such  as acrilamide and sodium acrylate.

It is as translucent milky liquid with medium viscosity, is extremely easy to disperse in water. When hydrolyzed, it results in clear and highly viscous solutions.

It should be stored at temperatures ranging from 5 to 50° C.

Drucryl – 46 can be applied to boreholes, horizontal perforations, micro-tunnels, baffles, bore poles, clarification of water discharge and for stabilisation of foams.

Advantages of Drucryl – 46

  • High power lubricant battery against drilling that reduces friction and wear
  • Drills successfully, faster and deeper through tight pressure
  • It minimizes the risk of fracturing the formation and causing down-hole mud
  • Is non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Greater production and longer productive life of
  • Maintains optimal hole cleaning viscosity, even in cold ocean depths
  • Useful as a thickener and stabilizing
Technical Specifications

(+20° C)

AppearanceEmulsion translucent white
Density1.05 ±  0.02 (kg/l)
PH (sol. 5%)6-8
Ionic ActivitiesAnionic Average
Viscose1000 ± 400 cPs

NOTE: The information provided here is based on our best knowledge at the time of publication but does not imply any warranty for users, given the numerous application possibilities beyond our own control. Users should therefore perform tests to assess the suitability of the product for the intended application.

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