Drucom (Lining Stress Controller)


Yield ability is achieved by complete compressibility of the gaps in comb wise structure. Therefore total height of Drucom (stress controllers) is used as yield way.


  • Selectable, additional yield resistance by application of variable intermediate support.
  • Prearranged  (constant  or  increasing) adjustable resistance
  • Selectable yield way
  • Possibility to use different types and materials of intermediate elements
  • Easy handling by module design’s option
  • Continuous interconnection element by spraying with porous concrete to higher acceptance of transverse and bending forces
  • Customisable shaping

To ensure a yieldabilty of concrete shell we designed the Drucom (stress controller), “type honey comb”. Predominantly its use is in space between arched support of yieldable TH sections or behind support to strata.

The Drucom (stress controller) consists of e. g. circular hollow sections, which are divided respectively linked by intermediate sheets. The upper and lower sheets include mounting elements for installation at support as well as reinforcement elements for concrete inter connexion.

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