Highly Reactive Two-Component Organic Mineral Resin foam, characterized by low viscosity, excellent chemical stability, mechanical resistance and good adhesion on rock stabilization, cavity, and large void filling, protection and water resistance of reservoirs and aqueducts, water conveyance in water-bearing stratum and for consolidation, water ingress stop, gas sealing in coal mines.

The reaction between the two components takes the process very quickly (in 20 – 25’’ at +25°C) with an expansion factor max. up to > 40 in comparison with the initial volume (considered = 1).

The strength of the resulting injection body depends on the soil’s compaction degree and on the volume of the cavity to fill, as well as injection pressure.

For special or low-temperature applications, it is possible to accelerate the reaction speed by adding ACCELERATOR K1 (1-2% by weight) to the A compound.

Foaming reaction doesn’t suffer from the presence of water. Druco – GF is self-extinguishing, absolutely non-toxic and non-pollutant.

TECHNICAL PROPERTIES of Organic Mineral Resin

(at +20°C and 60% R.H.)

Density of component A                           : 1.310 ± 0.03 (g/cm2)

Density of component B                           : 1.230 ± 0.05 (g/cm2)

Viscosity of component A                         : 60 ± 30 mPas.

Viscosity of component B                         : 250 ± 50 mPas.

pH component A                                      : 11.5 ± 0.5

pH component B                                      : neutral

Colour component A                                 : yellow – reddish

Colour component B                                 : brown

Mixing ratio (A+B)                                     : 100 + 100 parts in weight or volume

Application                                               : by injection, using suitable pumps with static mixer, pressure up to 100 atm.

Start of reaction                                        : 10 – 30 seconds

Complete reaction                                     : after 2 – 3 minutes

Max. reaction temperature                         : 90 – 100°C (for a mass of 200 gr.)

Compressive strength (Kg./cm2)                : 1 – 180. It depends on expansion’s factor.

Shelf life                                                  : 1 year, stored in their original tightly closed containers at temperatures in the range from +10°C to +35°C.


Both components should be well stirred before use, in order to homogenize the settled additives. The viscosity of component A can greatly increase at temperatures lower than +5°C

The information given to users is based on our best experience. However, because of the many possible applications, which are outside of our knowledge and control, we cannot accept liability for loss or damage resulting from reliance upon such information.

NOTE: The information provided here is based on our best knowledge at the time of publication but does not imply any warranty for users, given the numerous application possibilities beyond our own control.  Users should therefore perform tests to assess the suitability of the product for the intended application.

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