DrucHold (FrictionSplit Set Type Bolts)



The DrucHold is a friction stabilizer system is commonly referred to as DrucHold or Split Set design to firmly control hard or soft rock. As lateral ground movement increases, the system increases its superior holding power. High Strength Friction rock bolts produce superior holding power due to their unique design that exerts pressure against the rock over its full contact length immediately upon installation. When a ground shift occurs, our rock bolt conforms to the changing ground conditions. The results are a tight grip that actually grows stronger with time and ground movements, providing reliable ground support. Friction grip bolts never need tightening. The radial compression of slotted

steel tube inside the borehole provides both radial and axial restraint to rock movement.

The high-strength steel tube is slotted along its length. One end is tapered for easy insertion into a drill hole and the other has a welded ring flange to hold the bearing plate. The slot narrows, causing radial pressure to be exerted against the rock over its full contact length.  With the bearing plate in place, the tube is driven into a slightly smaller hole,  using the same standard percussion drill that made the hole. As the tube of the rock bolt slides into place, the full length of the slot narrows, causing radial pressure to be exerted against the rock over its full contact length.

Quality Standards of Split Set Type friction Bolts:- 

DrucHold or Split Set rock bolt friction grip bolts are manufactured to the highest standard of quality.  Rigid standards of quality are achieved by exhaustive quality control, testing, and inspection procedures. Detailed drawings specify materials, dimensions, and tolerances.


Our high friction grip bolts rock stabilizer is a  simple system requiring only 2 parts, a tube, and a bearing plate. Fast, easy installation takes usually less than a minute-just drill and drive.

  • Select the suitable drill bit. Drill bit diameter should be at least 2mm less than that of the standard diameter  of
  • Replace the drill steel with the driver tool.
  • Insert the friction bolt from the tapered end  into the drilled
  • Provide percussion action by means of a jackhammer/drilling machine till the whole bolt is inserted into the drilled hole.

Face Plat

Faceplates are used to create local surface support around the borehole collar area. They are also utilized to maintain local roof stability, prevent key block movement, and retain surface support like mesh.


The DrucHold is available in black or galvanized steel in the following sizes:

  • 33mm (1.3 )
  • 35mm (1.4 )
  • 39 mm (1.5 )
  • 46 mm (1.8 )

For Pull Testing

  • During the installation keep a 40 mm bolt left outside the
  • Load the wedge and the clamp and clamp on the
  • Load the cylinder on the assembly and supply the pressure through hydraulic
  • Note the reading of the pressure gauge.
  • Convert the pressure into equivalent load in terms of

Advantages of Using the DrucHold Split Set friction Bolt

  • Fast, easy
  • Reduce bolting costs.
  • Yieldable
  • Immediate
  • Maintains support even if bearing plate is knocked
  • Proved by millions of installations.
  • No mixing, No
  • Visual inspection.
  • Maintains plates
  • No special equipment
  • No torquing or
  • Loads rock in

Technical Details of Split Set Type friction Bolts

TUBE DIAMETER A, in. mm ±0.030



1.330 (33)


1.400 (35)


1.530 (39)


1.815 (46)


SLOT WIDTH B, in. mm

0.440 to 0.640

(11 to 16)

0.600 to 0.750

(15 to 19)

0.560 to 0.760

(14 to 19)

0.820 to 0.920

(21 to 23)


SIZE, in. mm

1-3/16 to 1-5/16

(30 to 33)

1-1/4 to 1-3/8

(32 to 35)

1-3/8 to 1-1/2

(35 to 38)

1-5/8 to 1-3/4

(41 to 44)


metric ton










metric ton










Available to any specified length

1.5 to 10

(0.5 to 3.1)

1.5 to 10

(0.5 to 3.1)

1.5 to 10

(0.5 to 3.1)

5 to 16

(1.5 to 4.9)


ANCHORAGE, ton metric ton

3 to 6

(2.72 to 5.44)

3 to 6

(2.72 to 5.44)

3 to 6

(2.72 to 5.44)

6 to 10

(5.44 to 9.07)


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