Drucfoam – HG



Drucfoam – HG is a superior soil lubricating foam used for conditioning soil during the mechanized process of digging tunnels, wells, and mines. Drucfoam – HG is a high-performance liquid foaming agent derived from special bio-degradable anionic surfactants. It is best to treat clayey and sandy grounds in tunnels dug with the full-section mechanical cutter.

Drucfoam – HG can be injected into all types of terrains and prevents agglomeration of clay and other blockages in the shield and in the chamber excavation of EPB machines. Its lubricating properties reduce the friction between the soil and the digging equipment increasing the efficiency and life of the equipment.


  • Produces very stable foams
  • Can be used, both with clean and salted water (even with high hardness)
  • Has a minimal environmental impact
  • High strength
  • Good lubricating properties, resulting in a cleaner excavation area

(at + 20° C and 60 % R.H.)



Colourless or slightly yellowish transparent liquid medium viscous



1.06 ± 0.020 kg/l


pH (for 1% Solution)


6 – 8

Dosing of Drucfoam – HG: 

As foam when drilling in marne land: 1.5 – 3 kg/m3

As an anti-dust agent in air drilling:    0.5 kg/m3

NOTE: The information provided here is based on our best knowledge at the time of publication but does not imply any warranty for users, given the numerous application possibilities beyond our own control. Users should therefore perform tests to assess the suitability of the product for the intended application.

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