DrucFlex is a fast-reacting, non-foaming Two Component PU based injection resin characterized by excellent PU chemical stability, mechanical resistance. Ideal for strata consolidation, ground improvement, fractured rock, consolidation of loose land and rock. Also designed for construction, lining, and insulating materials. For special or low-temperature applications, it is possible to accelerate the reaction speed. The presence of water does not affect the reaction process. It is free of CFC and halogen.


  • Strengthening and sealing of brick and stone masonry on bridges. Repair of cracks.
  • Improvement of subsoil parameters under pillars. Anchoring and micro piling of foundations.
  • Repair of concrete structures. Sealing of joints on dams.
  • Consolidation & increasing bearing capacity of the soil.
  • Sealing and anchoring of bottoms and walls of construction pits under groundwater table. Sealing of dilatation joints.
  • Anchoring of retaining walls.
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of the rock mass. Consolidation and stabilization of dry and naturally moist surfaces.


  • Quick reaction time helps reduce migration and loss of material.
  • High strength.
  • Low viscosity product allows high penetration into the smallest fissures.
  • Excellent adhesive strength.
  • Yield to ground pressure accommodates subsequent ground movement.
  • High mechanical resistance gives improved support of strata.


TypeTwo-component polymer-based injection resin
NatureEco Friendly
FireFire Resistance
Mixing Ratio1:1
Flow time at 25 °C temperature85 ±40 Sec
Curing time at 25 °C temperature150 ±40 Sec


Foaming factorNon-foaming
Foam expansion1
Compressive Strength after 24 h>25 MPa
Reaction Temperature80 – 90 °C

 Material Properties

Component AComponent B
Density at 25 °C [g/cm³]1.005-1.0251.130 – 1.150
Viscosity at 25 °C [mPa.s]130 – 170150 – 190
Flash point [°C]> 200> 200
ColorColorlessDark brown

 APPLICATION OF DrucFlex PU Chemical

The Two Components PU of DrucFlex are mixed together and injected in strata using a pump of two-component PU chemical Grout with a static mixer. The optimum mixing ratio is 1:1 by volume.


The recommended operating temperature is from 15 °C to 30 °C. Therefore, it is recommended to store the product at a minimum temperature of 15°C before processing for at least 12 hours.

STORAGE, SHELF LIFE of Polyurethane Chemical

The shelf life of the Polyurethane Grout product is six months from the date of manufacture. The product should be stored in a dry place at temperatures between 15 °C and 25 °C. Improper storage will shorten the shelf life.


Small quantities of cured Polyurethane Chemical residues can be disposed of as normal domestic waste. Disposal of uncured product components must be carried in accordance with the local regulations. Empty cans should be cleared of any liquid by punching a hole through the edge of the cover and turning them upside down until liquid does not flow out any longer.

NOTE: The information provided here is based on our best knowledge at the time of publication but does not imply any warranty for users, given the numerous application possibilities beyond our own control. Users should therefore perform tests to assess the suitability of the product for the intended application.

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