The 2-component injection pump PSP 4/85 is an electric driven gear pump, which can be used with most 2- component mater- ials that require a mixture rate of 1:1.

Due to the construction as gear pump the PSP 4/85 can deliver high pressures at a high flow rate without the disadvantages of piston pumps.

The electric drive of the PSP 4/85 makes it easy to control the flow rate of the pump stage less and to work with it in areas where no compressed air is available.

Because of her compact and modular construction the PSP 4/85 can be easily transported in heavy terrain.

Along with the PSP 4/85 you can also order our media tanks with a capacity of 2x 50l which ensures a continuous workflow without the need of permanent refilling.

Application: The PSP 4/85 is priory used where high pressures und medium flow rates are needed for the injection of 2-Component Injection materials. It can be used for normal injection works as well for special applications like gravel bonding.

Technical Data:
Required power supply400V / 50HzConnections
Max. operating pressure85 bar / 1232 psiSuction connectionRD 32 x 1/8“
Max. electric drive power2,2kW at 1000rpmPressure outlet1x Steck-O DN 10 1x Steck-O DN 12
Chamber volume of each gearpump3 cm³ / 0,18 inch³Weightca. 100 kg
Max. operating temperature60°C
LiquidsPolyurethan Silicate resin
Max. flow rateca. 8 l/min at max. 85 bar / 1232 psi
DimensionsHeight660 mm
Width410 mm
Length900 mm

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