The PMP 2/200 is an ultra lightweight injection pump for the use with premixed injection materials.

It uses membrane technology, therefore it is very robust and can deliver such high pressures and injection rates in company with its small form factor. With its electric drive you can use it nearly on  every  construction  side.

Application: The PMP 2/200 is priory used for small injection jobs, where you need a compact electric driven pump.

Technical Data:
Elekcricdrive230V / 0,75kWConnections
max. operating pressure200 bar / 2900 psiSuction connectionIntegrated Media pot
min. operating Pressure5 bar / 72,5 psiPressure outletQuick connector
Max. operating temperature60°CWeightca. 22 kg
LiquidsPolyurethan Silicate resin
Max. flow rateca. 2,1 l/min on free


For information of flow rates at the different pressure stages please refer to the performance graph.
DimensionsHeight750 mm
Width280 mm
Length500 mm

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