The  2-component  injection   pump   IZP   11/150 is an electric diven gear pump,  which  can  be used with most  2-component materials,  requiring a mixing ratio of 1:1 The gear pump design of the IZP 11/150 allows for high pressures and flow  rates at a steady-going volume flow, without the disturbing pulsing of the piston pumps.

The  electric  drive  of   the   IZP   11/150   permits a  stepless  variable  control  of  the  flow   rate. The pump can be applied in areas where no compressed air is available. Because of its compact  and  modular  construction  the  pump can be easily transported even in heavy terrain.

Along with the IZP  11/150  media  tanks  with 2x50l  capacity   are   supplied,   which   ensures   a continuous workflow without the need of permanent refilling.

Application: The IZP 11/150 is mainly used where high pressures and flow rates are re- quired for the injection of 2- component materials.

Technical Data
electric drive400V / 920 U/minConnections
max. operating pressure150 bar / 2175 psisuction connection1x Rd.32 x 1/8“

1x Rd.38 x 1/8“

theor. flow rate2x 15,7 ccm/Upressure outlet1x Steck-O DN10

1x Steck-O DN12

max. flow rate2x 15 l/min bei 920 U/minmax. inlet pressure2 bar
max. operating pressure60°Cweight395 kg


electric motor11 kW
Dimensionsheight1310 mm
width800 mm
length1650 mm

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