The pressure injection pump GX 45 PU is a pneumatically driven, single acting piston pump, operating acc. to the pressure intensification principle. The area ratio of drive pressure to pressure piston ring area shows the pressure ratio which is 45:1 for GX 45 PU pumps.

The pump consists of a pneumatically actuated drive part and a high pressure part, which are connected by a plun- ger. Two parallel fitted high-pressure pistons at the end  of the plunger are connected via yoke. Thus, the drive and high pressure parts are isolated, which prevents that pump medium could get into the pneumatic drive part in case of leakages of the high-pressure sealing.

The plunger is made of high-tensile stainless steel and is distinguished by long service life. The valve seats are of tempered steel and the gaskets are of wear-resistant PTFE.

Application: The GX 45 PU is a compact injection pump with small dimensions and low weight, but with a high flow rate. It is mainly used as pipeline pump to supply injection fluids on Polyurethane basis and in a mixing ratio of 1:1 from gate road to longwall face.

Technical Data:
Air drive pressure1-5 bar / 14,5-72psiConnections
Max. operating pressure at 5 bar inlet pressure225 bar / 3263psiAir connectionRD 32 x 1/8
Pressure ratio45:1Suction connectionRD 32 x 1/8
Stroke volume per double stroke148 cm³ / 9inch³Pressure outletSteck- O DN 10
Max. operating temperature60°CWeightca. 82 kg
LiquidsPolyurethan Silicate resin
Max. flow rateca. 18 l/min on free outlet
For information of flow rates at the different pressure stages please refer to the performance graph.
Air piston diameter200 mm
High-pressure piston diameter30 mm
DimensionsHeight420 mm
Width450 mm
Length1000 mm

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