The pressure injection pump Type DP 40 PU is a pneumatically driven, single acting piston pump that op- erates after the pressure intensification principle. The area ratio of drive pressure to pressure  piston  ring  area  yields the pressure ratio which is 41:1 in type DP 40 PU pumps.

The pump consists of a pneumatically actuated drive part and a high-pressure part. Drive part and high-pressure part are linked with a piston rod. Two parallel high-pressure pistons are arranged at the end of the piston rod and are connected via a yoke. Thus, the drive and high-pressure parts are isolated and it is prevented that pump medium gets into the pneumatic drive part in case of leakages in the high-pressure sealing. The piston rods are of high-tensile stainless steel and boast long service lives. The valve seats are of tempered steel and the sealings of wear resistant UHMW-PE.

Application: The DP 40 PU pump is a robust constructed Injection pump for high flow rates and pressures, which is generally used as pipeline-pump.

The pump can handle most materials on a polyurethane base with a mix ration of 1:1.

Technical Data:
Air drive pressure1-6 bar / 14,5-87psiConnections
Max. operating pressure at 5 bar inlet pressure205 bar / 2973psiAir connectionRD 32 x 1/8“
Pressure ratio41:1Suction connectionRD 32 x 1/8“
Stroke volume per double stroke49cm³ / 2,99inch³Pressure outletSteck-O DN 10
Max. operating temperature60°CWeightca. 120 kg
LiquidsPolyurethan Silicate resin
Max. flow rateca. 25 l/min on free outlet
For information of flow rates at the different pressure stages please refer to the performance graph.
Air piston diameter300 mm
High-pressure piston diameter33 mm
DimensionsHeight490 mm
Width470 mm
Length940 mm


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