If your Time is not right….

Do you know, 57% of construction and infra projects always face the danger of failure due to ONE REASON!

 Not only this, they also feel the pressure of getting backlisted and fear losing all chance to get more projects in future!

You believe it or not, it is none but the TIME-that is a big game changer in all construction-infra projects.  

Chances are you might not buy this idea but success-hungry entrepreneur has a different mindset to look at things.

And they agree to the above fact more than 100%.

Because they learn the value of time vs money every day.

And truly speaking, it is best applicable to those construction and infrastructure industry players who believes to win in every project with peace of mind.

Actually, in all Infrastructure-development projects, time becomes more crucial than money. Because development costs increase with the time expense. As the project gets delayed, cost of the manpower and execution create a havoc in the overall planning of the project and may doom the project.

This has multiplier effect as it hinders the outcome and deliverables.

Result is the bad repute of the contractor and worst could he be backlisted and barred to get any further orders.

In this scenario, Chemical grouting play the role of smart saviour and act as caretaker that completes the site with holistic action.

How it does that!

Practically in two major ways.


1 – Chemical grouting reduces the need for excavation and other time-consuming foundation repair techniques

Instead of digging up the ground and repairing or replacing damaged soil, it efficiently fills the voids and stabilize the soil in place. This significantly reduce the amount of time and labour required to repair foundations or other structures, allowing the construction project to progress more quickly.

2 – Chemical grouting improves the stability and load-bearing capacity of the soil

This allows for the construction of foundations and other structures on weaker or more unstable soils. It increases the chances of eliminating the prerequisite for time-consuming soil improvement techniques like soil reinforcement or deep foundations that ultimately slows down a construction project.

Overall, chemical grouting appears as an optimized way to repair and stabilizing soil in construction projects, thereby saving time and reducing the overall duration of the project.

An example makes the picture little clearer.

A tunnelling excavation work get hindered while crossing through a water-saturated zone or loose collapsible stratum. Excavating in such poor strata led to the project schedule delay to around 6-12 months due to the increased probability of tunnel collapse.

Even conventional grouting technique does not serve positively. In a way, it doubles the project cost and never gives any satisfying outcome to the client (it is a proven experience). Rather, unsuccessful grouting treatment effort, increased the quantity of materials and labour costs by about 25% of the project cost, increasing the entire cost of the project and result into zero result.

Only site-specific grouting approach give proper results. It involves modern machinery, customised site-oriented grouting chemicals, and an experienced agency to monitor and control the grouting process.

These grouting components are critical when focus is to get result.

Notably, the use of site-specific grouting techniques variably cut tunnelling construction time by 3-6 months when compared to cement grouting which requires several efforts for grouting and has uncertain grout quality. And this time can be more optimized by engaging a highly skilled agency with proven chemical grouting experience of delivering perfect results.

So, in nutshell, Chemical Grouting help to

  • Reduce the time required for foundation repair or other soil stabilization efforts as whole
  • Reduce labour costs and increase efficiency
  • Reduce the overall cost of the construction project, hence making it more profitable for the contractor or developer

Compounding Effect

Reducing the time required for construction help to reduce the number of materials and equipment needed, hence further lower costs and increase profitability

In conclusion, by completing the construction project more quickly, chemical grouting can help to reduce the overall construction time of construction, which can minimize disruptions and delays, and increase customer satisfaction. This can help to improve the reputation of the contractor or developer, which can lead to more lucrative future projects.

Overall, chemical grouting is a profitable choice for construction projects by reducing the time and cost of the project, and improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Chemical grouting is a process that involves injecting a chemical grout into the ground to fill voids, fractures, or porous soil. This can provide various benefits in construction projects, including saving construction time.