GCPL’s Innovative products for Underground Construction

With an objective to furnish high quality products on time and at reasonable cost with best in class services, Geo Constech (GCPL), one of the leading solution providers of material and technology, delivers high performance ground support and consolidation products for tunneling, mining, civil engineering, Infrastructure projects, hydro power construction and repair work to engineers and construction experts across the globe.

A few of GCPL’s high performance ground support and consolidation products include:


A unique product for Rock reinforcement for usages at Mining and Tunneling.

Druc-Svelta resin capsules are industry renowned for consistent quality and performance, primarily as an anchoring medium for rock bolts and concrete bolts to provide roof and sidewall supporting underground excavations. Druc-Svelta resin capsules are made from a high strength unsaturated polymer.

Druc-Si’ment Cap.:

A unique product for rock bolting in underground mines & tunneling.

Druc-Si’ment Cap. normal / fast setting high strength capsule is a unique cement capsule. Specially it meant for installing anchor bolts, for strengthening or reinforcing in rock formation and structural bodies.


A pre-polymer based high strength and free-flowing grouting product.

Druc-Stone-155E is a low viscosity, free flowing grouting material with high early strength which is suitable for repairing concrete blocks, asphalt, renderings, stone, asbestos, cement, wood, concrete, and mortar. Its high penetration allows filling the finest of cracks.

Druc-Colata 41:

A pre mixed free flow, high strength and non-shrink cementitious grout.

Druc-Colata 41 is chloride free OPC 43 Grade and Micro fine cement based free flowing non-metallic, non-shrink grout that develops very early high compressive strength. Its wide acceptance and extensive testing programs indicate it to be a proven and established product of excellent quality. It is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static & dynamic loads.


For sprayed concrete

Druc-Tyrocrete is completely Alkali-free set accelerator available in liquid form for use with sprayed concrete for guniting, shotcreting etc. Druc-Tyrocrete is used for sprayed concrete and mortar in galleries, tunnels, retaining walls, embankments, tank lining etc.

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